2014 NNDC Annual Conference

NNDC 2014 Annual Conference - University of Illinois at Chicago

October 22 - 23, 2014

"Innovation to Translation - Accelerating the Pace"
Keynote Speaker - Thomas R. Insel, MD, Director of the NIMH

Basic Agenda
October 22nd - Executive Committee Meeting, Board Meeting, and Welcome Reception- Palmer House Hilton

October 23rd - Scientific Meeting - University of Illinois at Chicago, Dinner - Palmer House

October 24th - Scientific Meeting (1/2 Day Program)

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The conference committee is in the midst of planning speakers, and developing the agenda. More details will be posted as we have them. We hope you will join us for this exciting event!


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Check out our archived newsletters to see what the NNDC has been up to in 2014!


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Check out our archived newsletters to see what the NNDC has been up to in 2014!


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First stem cell study of bipolar disorder yields promising results

Haiming Chen, M.D., and Cindy DeLong, Ph.D.

Stem cell model shows nerve cells develop, behave and respond to lithium differently – opening doors to potential new treatments.

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Transcripts involved in calcium signaling and telencephalic neuronal fate

H M Chen, C J DeLong, M Bame, I Rajapakse, T J Herron, M G McInnis, and K S O’Shea

Bipolar disorder (BP) is a chronic psychiatric condition characterized by dynamic, pathological mood fluctuations from mania to depression. To date, a major challenge in studying human neuropsychiatric conditions such as BP has been limited access to viable central nervous system tissue to examine disease progression. Patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) now offer an opportunity to analyze the full compliment of neural tissues and the prospect of identifying novel disease mechanisms. We have examined changes in gene expression as iPSC derived from well-characterized patients differentiate into neurons; there was little difference in the transcriptome of iPSC, but BP neurons were significantly different than controls in their transcriptional profile. Expression of transcripts for membrane bound receptors and ion channels was significantly increased in BP-derived neurons compared with controls, and we found that lithium pretreatment of BP neurons significantly altered their calcium transient and wave amplitude. The expression of transcription factors involved in the specification of telencephalic neuronal identity was also altered. Control neurons expressed transcripts that confer dorsal telencephalic fate, whereas BP neurons expressed genes involved in the differentiation of ventral (medial ganglionic eminence) regions. Cells were responsive to dorsal/ventral patterning cues, as addition of the Hedgehog (ventral) pathway activator purmorphamine or a dorsalizing agent (lithium) stimulated expression of NKX2-1 (ventral identity) or EMX2 (dorsal) in both groups. Cell-based models should have a significant impact on our understanding of the genesis and therefore treatment of BP; the iPSC cell lines themselves provide an important resource for comparison with other neurodevelopmental disorders.


calcium signaling; disease modeling; microarray analysis; neuronal differentiation

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Care For Your Mind

In a recent interview with Care For Your Mind, Dr. Greden talks about the collaborative efforts of the NNDC. Care For Your Mind is a website that provides exposure to a diverse group of perspectives on mental health solutions, policy, and reform, as they relate to mental health care in America.

Read Part I

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2014 Annual Conference

The 2014 NNDC Annual Conference will be held at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We are excited to invite everyone to the Palmer House Hilton hotel, and the UIC campus, for this scientific program and reception. The conference will be held October 22 - 24, and will begin with board and executive committee meetings, followed by a Welcome Reception for all members and guests. Please visit this link to book your hotel room at the Palmer House, and check back for updates to the program agenda. We hope you are looking forward to the conferece as much as we are! 

Click here to view the 2013 Conference Program


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2014 NNDC Annual Conference

2014 Date and Location TBD. Check back for updates!

The 2013 Annual Conference was held October 7-9, 2013 at the University of Michigan: View the Conference Program

Click here for access to audio recordings of this year's engaging speakers!


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