Ask the Doctor: Dealing with Bipolar Relapse with NNDC Board Member, Dr. Melvin McInnis

Ask the doctor: Dealing with Relapse By Melvin G. McInnis, MD It’s so frustrating when you’ve been doing so well for so long, and then out of nowhere you experience a relapse. The disappointment is profound and the setback painful. A relapse of bipolar disorder should be approached with as …

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Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Late Life Bipolar Disorder in the Community: Data from the NNDC Registry

Brent P. Forester, M.D., M.Sc., Olu Ajilore, M.D., Ph.D., Cathie Spino, D.Sc., Susan W. Lehmann, M.D. Objective: To compare clinical characteristics of older and younger patients with bipolar disorder enrolled in the United States’ National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC) Clinical Care Registry (CCR). Design: Multicenter, de-identified naturalistic data from …

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Perspectives on College Student Suicide

July 27, 2015 | Suicide, Forensic Psychiatry By Doris Iarovici, MD The Crisis in College and University Mental Health Suicide in College Students: A Call to Action Perspectives on College Student Suicide ADDRESSING A CRITICAL ISSUE In this new millennium, suicide clusters among college students have drawn media attention, have heightened concern and, occasionally, …

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NNDC Member, Dr. Richard Friedman Discusses Teenagers, Medication & Suicide in New York Times Op-Ed

The Opinion Pages | CONTRIBUTING OP-ED WRITER Teenagers, Medication and Suicide AUG. 3, 2015 Richard A. Friedman IS our culture of relentless achievement and success driving our young people to suicide? You would certainly think so, given the prevailing narrative in the media about the recent spate of suicides on college campuses: …

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NNDC Center of Excellence, University of Massachusetts Medical School Receives $2.5M CDC Grant to Help OB/GYNs Treat Depression During and After Pregnancy

Byatt, Moore Simas and Allison will test a potential national model to improve perinatal depression treatment rates and outcomes By Sandra Gray UMass Medical School Communications July 28, 2015 UMass Medical School has developed an innovative program to reach more women with perinatal depression by empowering obstetricians to treat patients’ psychiatric …

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Dr. Paul Croarkin of Mayo Clinic Weighs in on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

JULY 12, 2015 Novel Magnetic Treatment Helps People with Clinical Depression BY SAMMY CAIOLA Highlights: Magnetic stimulation sends currents into brain to reduce symptoms The relatively new procedure broadens range of treatment options A Sacramento practice plans more facilities that make use of technique Depression lifted from Nick O’Madden’s …

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Traditional Healing Concepts and Psychiatry: Collaboration and Integration in Psychiatric Practice by Dr. Jay Shore

Psychiatric Times June 30, 2015 | Special Reports, Cultural Psychiatry By Jay H. Shore, MD, MPH, W. J. Richardson Jr, BA, AAS, Byron Bair, MD, and Spero Manson, PhD Although psychiatry brings tremendous value to the amelioration and treatment of mental distress and illness, at times it falls short in providing holistic care within a patient’s broader …

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How can you tell if your therapist is right for you? These tips from NNDC Center of Excellence, Menninger Clinic may help you decide:

Is Your Therapist Right for You? wednesday, july 8, 2015 You’ve been seeing your therapist for a while, but don’t seem to be making much progress. Or maybe you’re being treated by someone who comes highly recommended, but you feel low on his priority list. Is it time to look …

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NNDC Member, Dr. Daniel Kirsch Awarded UMass Vitality Award to Expand & Enhance College Mental Health Services for Young Adults

Vitality Award-winning psychiatrist addressing needs of transition age youth on college campuses By Sandra Gray UMass Medical School Communications July 10, 2015 Daniel Kirsch, MD UMass Medical School psychiatrist Daniel Kirsch, MD, is focused on improving mental health services for young adults aged 18 to 26 with a new initiative supported …

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Save the Date for our Inaugural Defeat Depression Dash!

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